Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

The California State Parks Foundation (hereafter referred to as the “Foundation”) is committed to protecting your privacy. This page is dedicated to answering basic questions about what personal information we gather about users of this website and how we use that information. If you have any further questions, please e-mail them to

Privacy and User Consent:
You are providing consent for us to use the traffic on this website to improve our service. Website log analysis and cookies let us anonymously see how this site is being used and to generate an aggregated list of anonymous users who may be contacted for marketing purposes. Log analysis and cookies also allow us to show content which is most relevant to you. You may choose to opt-out of having your traffic information used as part of the web log analysis or any use of cookies which are not essential for the site to run by emailing us at

What information do we collect on-line?
The Foundation collects e-mail addresses and other personally identifiable information about visitors who voluntarily submit information. For example, the website uses forms for visitors to become members of the Foundation or renew their memberships. Some of the advocacy functions of the Foundation require it to collect personal information. The Foundation uses this site to make these functions more effective and to provide participants with additional information significant to California State Parks. All information is collected and stored in a manner appropriate to the nature of the data.
We collect some or all of the following personal information: (a) name, (b) address, (c) Foundation membership level, (d) amount of donation, (e) senior status, (f) waiver of membership benefits for tax purposes, (g) phone number, (h) e-mail address, (i) election to receive news and other notices by e-mail, (j) type of credit card, (k) credit card number, (o) expiration date of credit card, and (p) the frequency of payment of dues or donations (i.e. monthly, annually, etc.).

Although the Foundation receives IP addresses of visitors to this website through monitoring systems, it does not compile and retain records of the IP addresses of visitors to this website. Instead, the Foundation collects information about traffic to its web-site, including such information as the number of visitors and the popularity of particular pages of the web-site.

With whom does the California State Parks Foundation share the information that it gathers on-line?
The Foundation shares the personal information that it gathers on-line with the following kinds of persons and organizations: (a) environmental groups and (b) other non-profits whose missions and constituencies are similar to those of the Foundation. The organizations that receive personal information from the Foundation may use the information for their direct marketing and fund-raising campaigns.
Although the Foundation does not sell personal information to credit card companies, it does provide personal information to credit companies in order to collect donations by persons who use credit cards to make donations.

How can people who provide personal information to the Foundation direct the Foundation not to share information with outside persons and organizations?
Persons who have provided personal information to the Foundation may direct the Foundation to withhold their personal information from outside organizations and persons through opt-out.

How does the California State Parks Foundation notify users of the web-sites when it updates its privacy policy?
The California State Parks Foundation notifies users of updates to its privacy policy by stating the date of the most recent update at the bottom of this page.

When did the California State Parks Foundation’s privacy policy go into effect?
The California State Parks Foundation’s privacy policy went into effect before July 1, 2004.